About Us

About Dubbeldik

With more than three decades, Dubbeldik is the destination of women's fashion by the hands of Ana Maria Peixoto Almeida. The shop has moved from the historic streets of Braga to the streets of the world. The shop is now available online, 24 hours a day, seven days per week at www.dubbeldik.pt.

Exclusivity, Know-how, and Professionalism

Dubbeldik is not an ordinary clothing shop: here we try to make every woman's style and identity stand out. We do believe much more in female charm than in beauty standards. We work with designers as exclusive as MaxMara Weekend, MaxMara Studio, Marella, Marc Cain, Malìparmi, Peserico, Beatrice B, among others. We are constantly launching new products and if you look for something special, another size, or color, we will do everything to answer your request in a short time - that's how we're used to work!

About Ana Maria Peixoto Almeida

Behind a female business, there is an inspiring woman. Ana Maria (that's how she likes to be treated), the owner and founder of the boutique, has always been praised for her good taste. Elegant, distinctive and low profile, with the greatest simplicity, she presents her personal touch to customers who trust in her opinion.